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Our lively School Postgraduate Forum brings together our diverse bunch of postgraduate students across History, Classics and Archaeology. Our MA and PhD students are part of the School’s research  environment and actively organise and host workshops, conferences, reading groups and other events within the School and beyond.

A Letter from the Chair (Postgraduate Forum)

It is the American miniaturist James Peale, ‘at work’ (ca. 1785). Taken from

We’re moving into the twenty-first century!  Join us!

As part of the research community in History, Classics and Archaeology at Newcastle University, our lively and diverse Postgraduate Forum will be adding our blogging contributions on these pages.  All postgraduate matters will be tagged ‘Postgraduate Forum’, so you can easily find us.

We have a really dynamic and enthusiastic group of postgraduates this year, and there are lots of exciting ideas being bounced around. We know that it can be difficult for people to get involved if they don’t live locally, if they work, or are doing their PhD part time. There are many difficulties faced by all, and so we’d like to use this blog as a means of unifying the postgraduate community.

As we all know, doing your PhD is hardly a walk in the park; everyone is isolated by the uniqueness of their research, which can make it seem like no one really understands what you are going through. Through this blog, we want to combat that. It can be a platform for explaining your research to a wider audience, or perhaps you’ve come across some particular discovery or source that has inspired or surprised you. By sharing our research, we help bridge some of these problems.

Mary Wollstonecraft,      “…judicious books enlarge the mind and improve the heart…”

But this blog can be more than just a space for our research interests. It can be a place to share problems or concerns that you are facing. If you’ve been to a conference, lecture, workshop or event that you’ve found especially inspiring/horrendous (I had a particularly bad time at a conference in Hull, but I’ll save that for another time), share your experiences. If there’s been something in the news that has resonance with your work, write a blog post!

I hope everyone will find this a useful tool, and that many of you contribute over the coming weeks and months.  It can be long or short (anything from 300-800 words), depending on your topic, and please include at least one picture!  We’d love to hear from you if you have something to share.  Please submit your blog-post by sending it to our IT Officer at, or if you have an idea and would like to chat to us about it, please come and find us.

Welcome to our blog!

Amy Shields

PGF Chair

For queries about our Postgraduate Forum blogging, contact our PGF I.T. Officer, Lauren Emslie

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